Characteristics of an Exceptional Tea


Our tea masters look for the following qualities in every leaf:

Before steeping

Color: Rich and vibrant with a subtle layer of sheen.

Shape: Even in size with very little damage and slightly prickly leaves that are delicate to the touch.

Aroma: Dry, pleasant and balanced, without any pungency signifying dampness or bitterness.

After steeping

The Liquid: Clear, with an obvious sheen and an aroma reminiscent of the dry leaf.

Mouth Feel: Soft and silky, especially toward the back of the tongue and the sides and a sense of softness and airiness on the palate.

Taste: A trace of astringency at first, turning into a delicate sweetness that lingers at the back of the throat. The flavor is never dry, bitter or overly grassy.

The Leaves: Unfurled leaves should all look uniform in shape and color. Overly green or brown leaves signify under- or over-oxidation.

Aroma: Leaves that have cooled to room temperature will have a softly lingering scent.