Watercolor_A-Li-Shan-111x111A Li Shan

Fresh flowers and fruits, lingering refined sweetness.

Mouth Feel: Soft with light, smooth body
Aroma: Delicate, fresh, floral
Ingredients: Ching Shin Oolong
Oxidation/Fermentation: Light
Origin: A Li Shan
Elevation: 1,500 meters/4,921 feet

Steeping Instructions

Measure one level tablespoon per 6 oz pot or cup. Bring water to a boil and let it cool for about one minute to 200-205º F. Steep first time for 50 seconds, second steep for 40 seconds, third steep for 50 seconds, fourth steep for 60 seconds, fifth steep for 70 seconds, sixth steep for 90 seconds and seventh steep for 2 minutes.

Measure 1 1/2 level tablespoon for a 50 oz pitcher. Steep tea in room temperature water and place in refrigerator for eight hours. Take out leaves and serve. Drink within two days.

Price: from $22.00

P1140777-111x111Black Gold Tea Cup Set by Wu Cheng-Zhi

This pair of exquisite handmade tea cups are the creations of the rising Taiwanese ceramic artist, Wu Chen-Zhi 吳晟志. Wu comes from a distinguished heritage in ceramic artistry; his father has long been recognized as a pioneer and eminent artists in Taiwan, Japan, and China. Wu is continuing the honored tradition while adding contemporary elements to develop his own aesthetic style.

The Black Iron Tea Cup is a perfection representation of Wu’s refreshing sophistication. He starts with a special blend of clay consisted of soils from various regions in Taiwan. The exact composition is a result of collaborated research and experimentation between Wu and his father. After making the basic cup shape on the pottery wheel, Wu then meticulously carves out varying grooves, creating an organic yet refined appearance for the cup. The exterior glaze, same as the clay, is an exclusive blend that gives the ceramic a wrought iron facade. The touch of gold comes from a touch of another glaze, livening up the dark elegance. Crackling ivory glaze completes the inside of this beautiful tea cup.

Each cup is entirely hand made; variations in black/gold glaze, crackling look, and cup dimension are normal and expected. All cups are stamped with Wu’s name as seal of authenticity.

Each set contains 2 tea cups.

Material: clay & glaze

Dimension: 2.5″ Diameter x 1.65″ Height

Volume: Approximately 3 oz

Price: $68.00

Set_exterior-2-111x111Heritage Set

A delightful way to experience the Naivetea classics, this set contains four oolongs from the original tea producing locales of Taiwan: Wen Shan Bao Zhong (.25 oz) from Ping Lin, Roasted Dong Ding Oolong (.5oz) from Dong Ding, True Tie Guan Yin (.5 oz.) from Mu Zha, and Formosa (.25 oz.) from Miao Li.

Price: $26.00